Celebrate National Park Week 2024

Celebrate National Park Week with us by listening to a custom playlist in any of the 429 National Parks!

Archways to Antiquity

National Park Week starts this Saturday, April 20th! The National Park Service is waiving fees on Saturday, and holding a different themed activity each day of the week. If you've been wanting to check out a nearby park, now's the perfect time!

To celebrate this exciting event, we've added a new playlist in the app for every US national park! These playlists cover the natural features, cultural impact, and history of the parks. We put in some extra work this week to make sure these playlists are available for anyone visiting a national park. We'd love to hear which stories you enjoyed most!

We've been brewing up some major app improvements over the past few weeks, so look forward to a post covering these new features and improved experience very soon.

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